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650gm Briquette

Coconut peat is made from a coconut shell including the coir dust (coconut peat) and coir fiber (coconut fiber). These ingredients are completely natural and used in various fields such as high-tech agriculture and industry. This is an organic and environmentally friendly product.

Coconut peat is the raw material for using in the production of organic fertilizers, which improves fertility of infertile soil effectively.


  • Limit soil degradation and improve soil fertility
  • Maintain soil moisture and enrich nutrients in soil
  • Enhance soil ventilation
  • Boost root system development and stimulate plant growth
  • Coconut peat can be directly transplanted into plants without any other process or factor.
  • Coconut peat increases capacity of buffer zone over time and enables plants to resist lack of fertilizer and water for a short time.


Moisture:                 20% max
Ph:                             6-7
EC Approximate:    0.3 mS/cm

Packing & Delivery:

  • Packing: dependent on customers’ requirements
  • Delivery: 10 days after signing the contract